Keep Hardwood Floors Looking Pristine with These Useful Tips

Mar 2, 2020, 13:00 PM
Your hardwood floors may be a part of your home’s original grandeur, or they could be a newer addition. No matter the age of your hardwoods, upkeep is the key to making sure they stay in the best shape possible. After all, your floors are a piece of your home that gets the most wear and tear with walking, moving furniture, and more.
Giving your home the unique accent of gorgeous hardwood floors is an investment that can last a lifetime – as long as you’re willing to take great care of them. Show sponsors, M P Caroll Hardwood are flooring experts that have been serving Western New Yorkers since 1985. And now, they want to give you a few simple care tips to keep your hardwood floors looking amazing.
Clean and Maintain:
• Sweep or vacuum regularly. (NOTE: vacuum head must be a brush or felt type, do not use a vacuum with a beater brush and be sure that the vacuum wheels are clean)
• Wipe up spills immediately using a soft cloth; a slightly dampened cloth will help if working on stubborn or sticky substances.
• Use “Goof Off” or mineral spirits to remove scuffs, adhesive residue, tar, crayon or dried latex paint.
• Wash your floors every six to eight weeks; use cleaners formulated for hardwood use only and spot clean between washes. (M P Caroll carries a full line of approved cleaning solutions.)
• The use of steam mops is not recommended; steam mops use water vapor under pressure and will push moisture into areas of your hardwood floors that is not protected which may cause damage.
• Never use any type of floor polish.
• Adhere felt pads on the bottom of your furniture legs to protect against scratches.
• When moving appliances, do not push or drag.  Use an appliance dolly and sheets of plywood to safely move these items.
• Furniture that have narrowed or metal style casters can cause damage to your floor; replace them with a rubber designed caster.
• Place area rugs/doormats at entry points and in front of kitchen sinks.  All rugs should be made of breathable material as not to trap moisture.
Everyday Care Reminders:
• Do not push or drag anything across your hardwood floors.
• Keep your pets nails trimmed and lay down runners where they are known to regularly run.
• Remove shoes with spiked or damaged heels before walking on any hardwood surface.
• Hardwood expands and contracts with humidity changes; it performs better between a 40-50% relative humidity level and an ambient air temperature between 60-80°.  The use of air conditioning systems, humidifiers and dehumidifiers will assist in maintaining these levels.
If you have any questions about your floors or would like to talk to an expert at M P Caroll about new floor installation, be sure to stop by booth 336 at this year’s Buffalo Home Show at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center March 6-8 and March 13-15.
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