Buffablo, LLC

Buffablo, LLC
Buffalo NY
Booth: 101

Company Description:

Buffablo designs and develops Buffalo-themed inflatable lawn décor. Buffablo is a father and son team (Chris and Brendan Cimerman) from Clarence who had an idea in early 2022 on developing inflatable Buffalos to promote Buffalo and the Western New York region. Brendan, a finance graduate from Buffalo State College, had an idea over a dinner conversation with his dad to make an inflatable Buffalo that would allow people to show their pride in Buffalo and the WNY region. Chris’s 30 years of product development experience guided them in developing two inflatable Buffalos which they launched online in late 2022.

They currently have two designs that stand over 4 feet tall, illuminate at night with LED’s, stake to the ground and inflate quickly with an all-season blower. More designs are on the way. The development journey wasn’t for the faint of heart. Designing the sizes and shapes, finding a manufacturer, building prototypes, managing logistics with a shipping partner, and developing a marketing strategy took patience and a lot of attention to details. After almost a year of effort Buffablo was born.

Buffablo plans to launch more designs and sizes in the upcoming year and will be seen at various local events. Check out their website at www.buffablo.com and follow them on Facebook and Instagram to find out about their new product launches.

Show Specials:

Stop by our booth to receive a show only discount on 4 different Buffablo's we will have available for purchase along with saving on shipping. We will also have a special offer to pre-order our new Blue/gold/white striped Buffablo and the Blue 716 d

New Products

Come see the latest Shamrock Buffablo and white Lets go Buffalo which are brand new to the herd. We also will have prototypes of the blue/gold/white striped, 716, and a Flag design. If all goes well we will have several other designs and prototypes

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